Sandra Delgado Sanchez


Mobilni: +49 (0)174 2189477

Born in 1969

married, mother of five children


Education and professional development

1987-1988 Secretary of Foreign Languages

1991-1992 bachelor school graduation in Germany

1993-1996 Nurse Exam

2002 Study nurse

2006-2008 Lead nurse for running a unit or department

2006-2010 Lead Nurse for hospital/clinic or facilities in the health care system

2006-2011 Bachelor of Business Administration

2015 Clinical Monitor (CRA)

2018 Titel nurse recognition in Slovenia


Work experience in Healthcare

5 years of urology (operating department)

6 months of oral and maxillofacial surgery

8 years Lead nurse in the department for lysosomal storage diseases (Villa Metabolica)

6 months of nursing care for elderly people

Since 2008 Lead nurse, mainly infusion therapy at home

Since 2010 Lead Nurse MHS Medical Home Services Germany;

2017 Country Coordinator for several studies in whole Germany

2018 Director/Lead Nurse/Country Coordinator Backup for MHS Medical Home Service d.o.o. Slovenia

2019 Director/Project Manager for MHS Medical Home Service d.o.o. Croatia

2019 Director/Lead Nurse for MHS Medical Home Service Sp. Z.o.o. Poland


Other work experience

1 year executive secretary in a Spedition company